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Library Mission Statement pdf

Library Mission Statement and Statement of Objectives

Gill Library Mission Statement

The mission of the Mother Irene Gill Memorial Library is to promote teaching, learning, research, and collaboration for CNR students, faculty, and staff. 

 In support of the College’s mission, Gill Library offers collections in multiple formats, provides access to information, implements resources, services, and learning environments to advance research, academic achievement, and lifelong learning. 

 Gill Library upholds the pursuit of knowledge through research and discourse by guiding the College community in acquiring, organizing and making scholarly resources accessible.

Gill Library Statement of Objectives

  1. To provide the best possible information resources and access to support the instructional programs of the four Schools of the College.  (For more detailed description of the resources and services which Gill Library seeks to provide, see the Collection Development Policy and the Gill Library Five Year Plan.)
  2. To work co-operatively with regional, state and national networks to enhance collaborative development of library resources and services for mutual benefit.

  3. To offer a variety of programs, from introductory to advanced levels, for students, faculty and other library users in the intelligent and efficient use of information resources, including the use of information technology.

  4. To assure that library policies, as well as resources and services provided to students, faculty and staff are in accord with the Mission of the College and are adequate for the particular aims, purposes and constituencies of the four Schools; to assure especially that appropriately equivalent library resources and services are provided at the branch campuses.

  5. To work closely with students, faculty and staff of the College in planning, developing and evaluating library resources and services.

  6. To encourage on-going development of the library professional and support staff.

  7. To participate actively in the teaching and learning activities of the College and in the wider life of the college community.

     Reviewed and Approved: 4/01

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